Stattonrock Tiny House The West Coast
Kenton Zerbin Tiny House Workshop Presenter


Tiny Houses, like people, come in all shapes and sizes.
There is something for everyone to love – both outside and inside.

I’d like to introduce you to “The West Coast” by Simply Living – Stattonrock.

A wholesome tiny house. Everything you need, and a little more.
But also the kind of tiny house to have a good time on the weekends. 😉

Seriously… this tiny house would make a fantastic +1 Suite, cabin, or BnB.
And it’s on wheels… a mobile getaway!

Where would YOU park it?
Imagine these 3 situations:

  • A cozy evening with your fav beverage after hiking or winter sports.
  • Campfires on the edge of a summer lake on a long weekend.
  • Or bring this keeper home to meet grandma.
    …Grandma can now live in your backyard.
    ….Or your teenager.
    …..or a renter. ($150+/night short term rental, or $1000+/month on long-term rental).


Caught your imagination yet?
Take a peek at these “artist’s” renders:


With 2 lofts and a pull-out couch, you could sleep 6!
(Sounds like the premise for a reality show.)

6 people might be a bit much… but a couple could use this as a starter house.
Or maybe you turn this into your personal she-shed or man-cave!

…You get your own “Master Loft” above the living room.
And the other loft could be a guest room, office, or a tree fort.

Let’s take a tour:












What do you think?
Are you interested in strategically using a tiny house to help your life?

Then I highly encourage you to take A Tiny House Workshop. It’s a crash course on everything tiny house – design, construction, utilities, legalities… you name it.

Dive into this exciting next step of your life with your eyes wide open.

And get this – for a limited time if you take the workshop you get a $10,000 discount on tiny homes by StattonRock Simply Living Tiny Homes like this “West Coast”.

Why? Because tiny house students are much easier for them to work with.
You know what you want & what you are getting into.
(They save time and you get the tiny house you LOVE and need.)

I hope you enjoyed this modern tiny house tour of “The West Coast” and I got you dreaming how YOU could use a tiny house.


Kenton Zerbin
Teacher & Consultant &

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