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I have seen ALOT of tiny homes, so I love it when one still comes along and surprises me. So let’s give you this bachelor pad tiny house tour.

I present to you the 28′ long, 8.5′ wide, “Calliope” with its single-story layout, and playful modern style. A professionally built, RV certified Tiny House by Rewild Tiny Homes.


But who is this tiny house for? And why would does this tiny house teacher recommend it?

This tiny house is a perfect bachelor/ette pad! Here is why:

  • One-room vibe of a studio suite (even easier to clean, amirght?)
  • Ingenious pull out table and seating for when you need an office or hang out spot for games, talks, eats, and drinks
  • The bed isn’t in a loft! Much more room for…. activities.
  • Bigger “Home” feel but on a triple axle – perfect for settling into but leaves the option to roll on

That all said, this house fits many types of tiny house people! Would make a great office home, or off-grid cabin for example (this model has solar power possibilities).

Caught your interest? 😉 Check out the YouTube video tour above to learn even more why it’s such an awesome house, and also my cautions… and after that, I bet you will be interested in learning more about A Tiny House Workshop.

(Pro-builders love to build homes for clients who are grounded in reality, know what they want, and know what you are getting into!)

And you should totally check out the rest of Rewild’s amazing tiny homes.

Now, here is the jaw-dropping pics. Don’t let your drool fall on your keyboard.

Wow right?!

I hope you enjoyed another tiny house tour! I would like to invite you to A Tiny House Workshop (either ONLINE or IN-PERSON) so you can learn what it takes to go tiny and how to then get the perfect tiny house for you… maybe its this one 😉

Whether you want to DIY, buy used, or use a professional builder, walk into this exciting next step with your eyes wide open so you save money, time, and stress.


Kenton Zerbin
Tiny House & Permaculture Teacher & Consultant &

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