Tiny House Workshop Testimonial Ally

Informative, in-depth, and authentic. A Tiny House Workshop gave me a great foundation to start my tiny house journey. Thank you heartfeltly Kenton. 


Tiny House Workshop Testimonial Mariak

Kenton will tell you whats good and what’s not! He doesnt candy coat. He keeps you engaged with laughter and great insight. Absolutely worth it!


From a $300 course, I saved myself $10,000+ in mistakes!! You would be foolish to embark upon a tiny house build without taking in Kentons wisdom.


Tiny House Workshop Testimonial Blake

I came to the course with so many unknowns and concerns. I left having all aspects of the planning and building process clear so I can research and move forward with confidence. Kenton is easy to follow, well organized, and has a great command of the content. 


Tiny House Workshop Testimonial Adelina

This was so amazing! The information Kenton shares is so informative and I learned things I hadn’t even thought about but needed to know! The best weekend I have had in a long time.


Tiny House Workshop Testimonial Trevor

Amazing workshop! The workshop brought information from all angles which I would have never considered. I really appreciated Kenton’s teaching background. He made everything very easy to follow and stay engaged. 


Tiny House Workshop Testimonial Todd

Kenton is extremely engaging and entertaining. I came expecting to learn only about tiny homes, but learnt so much more!