Fritz tiny house
Kenton Zerbin Tiny House Workshop Presenter


Every now and then a new tiny house pops up that will blow you away.

I present to you…. “The Fritz” – a 24′ x 8.5″ modern Scandinavian tiny house professionally built by Fritz Tiny Homes.

Not only did they take GORGEOUS photos (see below)…
But visited the builders & they gave me a video tour:

But who is this tiny house for? And why would does this tiny house teacher recommend it?

If you are into clean lines, a big open feel, and artistic modern touches, where is why you are going to fall in love:

  • Lots of windows and white painted interiors, for a deceptively spacious interior.
  • Clean lines everywhere! Notice the craftsmanship in the ceiling, end walls, and floor
  • Multifunctional furniture – heated mirrors, cabinetry under the couch, & a bathroom door with 2 useful positions
  • Easy to use blinds, minimalistic in style, simple and unassuming.
  • Stylish low profile lighting to make your home life glow
  • A bathroom that belongs in a magazine

This house may not be for EVERYONE, but it’s perfect for many types of tiny house people!

For example, “The Fritz” would make a glorious lakeside retreat, a novel high-end Air-BnB, or a gorgeous home for a minimalist. It could even work for a young couple (just make sure you love each other a lot).

Here are pictures of The Fritz. See below to learn more.

Caught your interest? 😉

If you are seriously interested in becoming a tiny house owner, I highly recommend you to take A Tiny House Workshop.

Not only will you learn what you need and want from YOUR tiny house, but you will save $1000s. Just ask others who have taken the workshop.

Furthermore, Fritz Tiny Homes also highly recommends the workshop! Not only have they personally attended the workshop, but they LOVE graduates because they make knowledgeable and informed tiny house clients.

In fact, if you want to choose Fritz as your tiny house builder, they provide A Tiny House Workshop graduates a $500 discount. Educated grads save them both time and money.

And as you can see from their craftsmanship, I can’t recommend them enough.

I hope you enjoyed this modern tiny house tour of – “The Fritz” – by Fritz Tiny Homes, and perhaps we shall see you at A Tiny House Workshop ONLINE or IN-PERSON.


Kenton Zerbin
Teacher, Designer, & Producer,,

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