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Kenton Zerbin Tiny House Workshop Presenter


Simple living can be such a breath of fresh air. Which is why I like this Minimalist tiny house.  So let’s give you a tour. 🙂

But where are my manners!?

This is Innisfree, a 28′ long, 8.5′ wide, cozy minimalist dream for tiny house enthusiasts. (Don’t tell her I told you how wide she is). Innisfree is a professionally built, RV certified Tiny House by Teacup Tiny Homes.

Light, white, and bright, this home’s simplicity and cozy spots will draw you in. (Now I feel like I’m making a dating profile for this house! haha!)


But who is this tiny house for? And why would does this tiny house teacher recommend it?

If you are into natural, cozy, simplicity, and minimalism, this might be your house. Here is why:

  • Lots of windows and white painted interiors, and easy on the eyes simple wood.
  • Clean lines in all that tongue and groove wood, custom stairs, roofline, and window placements.
  • Did you see that wood stove…
  • …next to that cozy nook of a couch. Curl in with your book or a movie by the fire and the view by those windows
  • Innisfree’s bathroom is a place of function – not vanity. Get in. Get out.
  • Clean, simple, and functional plumbing and electrical

That all said, this house fits many types of tiny house people!  For example, because Innisfree is on wheels with a composting toilet and a wood stove she is great for those who want to live off-grid or have a tiny house cabin.

Now, here is Innisfree’s profile pics. Swipe right and keep reading below 😉

Now imagine this as +1 unit… would be great for guests or a rental right…

Caught your interest? 😉 Then I highly encourage you to take A Tiny House Workshop. You will confirm what you need and want from a tiny house (like if Innisfree is the girl for you), + how your house goes together, + save $1000s.

For example, If you want a tiny house by Teacup Tiny Homes, my workshop graduates get a $1000 discount for being trained tiny house clients who are awesome to work with.

(Apparently, you are much easier if you actually know what you want, are grounded in reality, and know what you are getting into… go figure!)

But regardless of whether you want to DIY, buy used, or use a professional builder, walk into this exciting next step with your eyes wide open so you save money, time, and stress.

I hope you enjoyed Innisfree’s impromptu dating profile/tour and I look forward to seeing you at A Tiny House Workshop (either ONLINE or IN-PERSON).

Having too much fun writing these blogs,

Kenton Zerbin
Tiny House & Permaculture Teacher & Consultant
ATinyHouseWorkshop.com & KentonZerbin.com

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