Phoenix Tiny House Tour
Kenton Zerbin Tiny House Workshop Presenter


Sometimes babies happen. Sometimes guests have sleepovers. Well when extra people happen, this tiny house has got your back with 2 bedrooms.  Lets give you a…. Modern Tiny House Tour. :)

This is The Phoenix, a 34′ long, 8.5′ wide, sleek, and modern looking tiny house with a gooseneck bedroom + a loft bedroom. The Phoenix is a professionally built, RV certified Tiny House by Teacup Tiny Homes.

With a spacious living room, snazzy kitchen, and large bathroom, you COULD live here with 1-3 more humans… but you will be tempted to keep it all to yourself.



But who is this tiny house for? And why would does this tiny house teacher recommend it?

This tiny home actually is suitable for many types of people! Let’s break it down:

  • With the extra bedroom, this house is great for families with 1-2 young kids… and what kid DOESNT want a loft?!
  • With a gooseneck trailer, this tiny house has room to stand in the main bedroom! Perfect for those who don’t want ladders or precarious stairs
  • Ahhhh, a full couch! Add a TV above that fireplace and you have a cozy “normal” living room that the kitchen looks onto. Perfect for entertaining & hanging out between the rooms (plus someone could hang out in the loft and interact with anyone below)
  • Did you see that normie bathroom?! Not many tiny homes go large shower and a flush toilet (other options available).
  • And the kitchen looks like it belongs in a cooking show.

So as I say, this house fits many types of tiny house people! Great for an uncle, aunt, or grandparent who wants to have a kiddo sleepover. Great for a starting family. Also just fine for a couple or bachelor/ette… how would you use that loft if not for an extra bed… office? Rec room? Lounge? Living room #2?

Now, here is The Phoenix’s pics. Keep reading below ;)

Now imagine this as +1 unit in the backyard for grandma! Or put it up on air BnB for some side cash!

Caught your interest? ;) Then I highly encourage you to take A Tiny House Workshop. You will confirm what you need and want from a tiny house (including important legal info) and save $1000s.

For example, If you want a tiny house by Teacup Tiny Homes, my workshop graduates get a $1000 discount for being trained tiny house clients who are awesome to work with.

(Apparently, you are much easier if you actually know what you want, are grounded in reality, and know what you are getting into… go figure!)

But regardless of whether you want to DIY, buy used, or use a professional builder, walk into this exciting next step with your eyes wide open so you save money, time, and stress.

I hope you enjoyed this modern tiny house tour of the Phoenix and I look forward to seeing you at A Tiny House Workshop (either ONLINE or IN-PERSON).


Kenton Zerbin
Tiny House & Permaculture Teacher & Consultant &

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